Biogas Plant


Biogas Plant

A biogas plant optimises the utilisation of manure, waste and other organic feedstock by converting the biomasses into energy and valuable bio-fertiliser.Our biogas plant projects are designed by using a modular design process, which ensures a fast and cost-effective construction.

We offer solutions for a wide range of biomasses: Food waste, manure, deep litter, vegetable waste and industrial organic waste. A biogas plant from Maventech Clean & Green Pvt. Ltd. is always optimised to give the best return on investment. We focus on a high biogas production, low operational costs, low maintenance costs and a high flexibility in the biomasses that can be used in the biogas plant.

    Key Benefits :

  • Biogas is Eco-Friendly
  • Reduces Soil and Water Pollution
  • It’s A Simple and Low-Cost Technology That Encourages A Circular Economy
  • Solar power products have few moveable parts which means that fewer parts exist to break. They last for a long time and require little attention once installed